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Do you love tattoos? do you have any tattoos ?or have you had a tattoo for a long time and it seems like the skin has become dry? Or the color just isn't as vibrant as it used to be? then this is the right product for you TATTOO Tins #Bodybutter is a ph balanced body cream that's made to soothe, moisturize ,and bring shine and Radiance to your tattoos. Its all natural ingredients made with love is my product handmade by me. It comes in a variety of scents .Available now!! Get with your local tattoo artists ,or coming soon to a convenience store near you! pick some up after your fresh tat or when you want to replenish the old one, that may look dry and itchy or scarring #healthyskin #natural

Balm - Another reason why tattoos get itchy is because the skin gets dry, so apply some moisturizer when it is looking or feeling dry.
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