ITS ALL ABOUT YOU "MyScent" (Skin Cleanser) 8oz

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Start or Finish YOUR Day with your favorite MYSCENT


And loving the feeling of your skin and smelling the way YOU want! Not feeling that early wake up? You will love Vanilla Mint or Coconut Basil Lime,, even my favorite Lemon Jazz! to get you up an going! Need to bring it down a notch from a long day? Remove yourself from it all with a Loving Lavender or our Hibiscus Vanilla to assure you a good nights rest. Oh and if you just feeling some type of way, be sure to take advantage of the scent menu and choose your favorite from my customized fragrances there all amazing for any time of the day!

Be sure to take advantage of our Bodybutter & Smoothscrub matching scent sets!

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