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A Bit About Me

 I started out doing hair for family, and decided to go to beauty school.30 years later owning my own salon for 20 and teaching cosmetology for 15 and counting,being sure to give back to the community with homeless events providing cuts and clothes, that are donated by clients.Once I had realized and excepted the fact that I was gifted for not only hair, but products and tools and a chemistry mindset to create my own product line. With the vision of Madam C.J.Walker during my seemed like everyday struggle, gave me strength along with wanting to be all I could be for my deceased parents ,grandparents fighting students,dedicated clients with me over 12 years and more. and my uncle who helped me in the beginning. with the help of my uncle I was now in Beauty school. When my clients started noticing hair growth and improvements, suggested, and requested personal products and from there its been a go. Specializing in all textures of hair and ethnic backgrounds was a plus. Providing the balance back into the hair in skin was what I provided it through homemade skin butters and scrubs, customized ingredients from biotin, keratin, vitamins, scents and this is how I came up with the name "ITS ALL ABOUT  YOU" product line. Licensed Master Stylist Published Author(Anti_bullying} Barber
Salon Owner/Educator, Travel Agent,Vendor providing knowledge and How to videos in the demonstration of  styling techniques and styles of diversity of Hair, Skin, Nails from all around the world  Recognizing and Sharing that Hair is Not A Race It Is Texture
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